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THE ELLO CORPORATION has supplied Dietary Supplements and Stimulants for over 25 years. All of our products are composed of top quality ingredients and are designed to appeal to the health-oriented individual. Our line-up of quality pharmaceutical products is now joined by selected All Natural Supplements that were chosen by virtue of their effectiveness.




Our Brant Pharmacal Division specializes in serving your stimulant needs. Sooner or later each of us finds a need for a boost of energy. The active ingredient in Brant Pharmacal's trademarked, Amphetrazine products is the same that is found in coffee or most soft drinks. Our 357 Magnum (comparable in strength to two cups of coffee) and our Black Capsule (the maximum legal limit available in a single dose), will satisfy your stimulant needs.


We also have available All Natural Supplements for specific nutritional needs. Many customer requests over the years have led to the inclusion in our line of Herbal/Natural alternatives to processed drug products. The long-term benefits of Colloidal Minerals (cellular building blocks) are a great natural answer to many of today's health issues..

Convenient Ordering Three Easy Ways:

Via the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week
By phone operator assisted from 9-5, Mondays-Friday (EST)
Voice Mail orders can be left any time, including holidays, operators are not on hand


The Ello Corporation
4861 Bluebush Road
Monroe, MI 48162
Phone: 1-800-382-3182 (9 am - 5 pm ET)
Phone: 1-734-240-3420 (voicemail orders accepted 24/7)
E-mail: info@ello.com

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